Delve Title Screen

This game was created in Construct 2 as part of the Games Software Engineering course at Bournemouth University, for the Digital Technologies module.

My aim was to create a small, procedurally generated rogue-lite and this fits the bill pretty nicely. It's quite light on content, but the focus of this project was on building complex systems within Construct 2.

This project taught me a lot about working within the constraints of an unfamiliar engine and I think it has provided valuable experience for me to carry onward.

You can play the game on this page and the Construct 2 project file is available for download also.

Primary Game Features:
-Procedural Floor Generation, built for expansion
-Upgrade System, built for expansion
-Unique Enemies
-End of Floor Boss Battle
-Dynamic Minimap

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the art/audio assets in this project and any credit for them should go their orginal authors as detailed below. This project is entirely unofficial and entirely not-for-profit.

References:, 2014. DawnLike – 16x16 Universal Rogue-Like Tileset. Available from: [29/10/19], 2018. 2D Pixel Dungeon Asset Pack. Available from: [29/10/19], 2015. Swing. Available from: [7/11/19], 2013. Knife Throw. Available from: [7/11/19], 2015. Hitmarker Sound Effect. Available from: [13/11/19], 2018. Parallax Background for Dungeon Platformer. Available from:  [13/11/19], 2019. Animated Fires. Available from: [14/11/19], 2010. Stone Falls and Breaks Low Pitch. Available from: [25/11/19], 2016. Fireball Cast 1. Available from: [5/12/19], 2016. OWI spit. Available from: [10/12/19], 2017. Melee Fight Sounds, Hit 6. Available from: [10/12/19], 2013. Arrow. Available from: [11/12/19], 2014. Fireball 1. Available from: [11/12/19]
McMillen, E., 2011, The Binding of Isaac, Basement Theme
McMillen, E., 2011, The Binding of Isaac, Boss Theme
McMillen, E., 2011, The Binding of Isaac, The Calm(Boss Defeated)
McMillen, E., 2011, The Binding of Isaac, Boss_Gurgle_Roar
McMillen, E., 2011, The Binding of Isaac, Daddy Long Legs Sprites


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